Support / Volunteering


  • technical supports “strings of ukulele/acoustic&electric guitar/bass, sound cables, sound equipment, speakers, amplifiers, mixers, picks, tuners, capos, guitars, ukuleles, acoustic drum set, stuff for office “computers”, earphones, cameras, sound recorders, etc.”
  • Fundraising skills “monetary, fund”
  • Volunteering “assist our Lao teachers to give lessons to the students in classes at MES, or came up with your own lesson plans share it with us


  • volunteering can be any period of time, an hour, two hours, a day or more. And of course, the longer the better
  • share and show off your music experience with our local Luang Prabang people, both kids and adults
  • spend your happy time in Luang Prabang with us and experience playing Lao music
  • help the locals to play guitar, ukulele, bass, drums, piano, singing, and even dancing
If you fell like you could come and help,
please fill the form below and
we’ll get back to you as soon as possible !


    Music for Everyone School (MES)

    Luang Prabang town
    LPB province, Lao PDR
    PO BOX no: 1157

    Tel : 030 90 55 06 3
    Mob : 020 5 44 888 53

    Opening hours :

    Lessons : Monday – Friday

    Morning: 09:00 I 10:00 I 11:00 I
    Afternoon: 12:00 I 14:00 I 15:00 I
    Evening: 16:30 I 17:30 I 18:30 I