GOOD NEWS for MES drum students! We’re working on a drum exercises and putting them in the papers to make a small booklet for our students at MES. The book will allow the students to be able to read music and practice all drum exercises from the book on their own after a very little input from our drum teach.

MES and the team could not make this book happened without great support from Mr. Marc Vincent from France, who’d been spending his few days during his stay in Luang Prabang constructing the students and the staff such ideas of how to play drum. We really thank you from all our hearts for your great supports and wish you all the very best.  Your drum students!!!


Fund Donation and Instrument Accessories; ukulele strings, capos and multiple guitar effect pedal has arrived at MES Laos. Much appreciate Trevann Tanthorpe and Harriet Steward – Jones and friends in Poole, England for raising the fund to support MES Laos.  Thank you all very much for sharing your loves and helping many kids here in Laos!


This fundraising event would not have been possible without the generous contributions made by Jonny Phillips, the very musical boys and girls of Cute Roots, and our friend; poet and raconteur, Ledger de la Bald, who all agreed to perform for free – and Ben Jones, who agreed to provide the sounds and the PA and to deal with all things audio-technical! Thanks guys!
Check ’em out!

8 November at 19:3023:30 UTC, The King Charles Pub- Poole, Thames Street, BH15 1J Poole, Dorset


Another grateful thanks to these kind people: Nancy Lane and her husband John, and Andrew James Mcsweeney from School of Living Music in Melbourne. Also thank you very much Nancy Lane for your time being a helpful, regular piano teacher at the Music school for several months and trying to help with something that’s needed. Thank you John who spending his time traveling a long way to pick the microphone up and bring it to Luang Prabang. Last but not least, Big thanks to Andrew James who makes this project happened, we can’t thank you enough for your kind donation with a sound recording mic, but we promise to use it wisely and carefully to make nice and good music and this will benefit our many students in the future. You’re in our many hearts at the music school in Luang Prabang.

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Thank you Rik the boss and the manager Sith at the Botanical Garden for having us from Music for Everyone School played live music there for two days. We enjoyed playing there very much and had a really nice time traveling up and down the Mekong river with scenic views along the river banks. Great to meet lovely people there and seeing lots of different types of trees, flowers and plants. We’ll look forwards to our future performance there again. Thank you very much!


Another Thank you post, to thank Mrs Petra Gimbad for your time at MES. It’s a wonderful for our students to have a voice coach, as we have many like singing at MES and this benefits them. Petra is a voice student from Malaysia who is visiting LPb for a few days with her husband. She’s so generous to share her holiday with students at MES and  give vocal lessons all day.


Lots of thanks Maly from London for your two guitar donation! They’re very nice guitars, one Paramount acoustic guitar gives a very unique sound and can also connect to the amplifier. One is a classical guitar which will become handy for classical guitar players at MES.


Kop Chai Lai Lai  Gregory and Victoria from Australia for your visit to the school and giving very useful advice and your very kind donation!

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