Great Performance Ali and Matt!!! Thank you for sharing your new music at MES. It’s very interesting seeing your performance and listening to new music. Looking forwards to seeing your next performance at MES Laos.

About halfsound

halfsound is a contemporary saxophone duo formed by Ali Fyffe and Matt Hinchliffe based in Melbourne, Australia. We primarily perform notated art music with a strong focus on new and innovative works, particularly by young Australian composers. We believe the performance of new music is important in order to ensure the continued evolution and development of musical expression. We also appreciate the value of connection and collaboration with local, national and international artists in expanding and challenging our artistic practice and regularly work with a range of artists.

As collaborative partners, we have worked together for seven years as halfsound as well as in other ensembles. We have undertaken numerous national and international tours, commissioned a wide variety of music for saxophone and won a range of awards. We have a particular interest in the new and experimental music of South-East Asia and undertook an extended self-directed residency in Hanoi, Vietnam in 2014-2015 where we learnt a lot about artistic practice in the region.

Recent performances include a performance at Meta House in Phnom Penh, Cambodia in partnership with the Australian Embassy in Cambodia and a performance in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia at Space.Toccata, a leading hub for the contemporary arts in the region. We were also featured in the 2016 Tilde New Music Festival where we both presented a program of music for saxophone duo, electronics and video and also collaborated with other festival artists in an improvisation setting.

We are currently preparing for our upcoming South-East Asian Tour in which we will present concerts across the region. We are working with 10 young Australian composers for this project who are writing new music for us to present.