Do you know the instrument called didgeridoo?

“It’s an Australian Aboriginal wind instrument in the form of a long wooden tube, traditionally made from a hollow branch, which is blown to produce a deep, resonant sound, varied by rhythmic accents of timbre and volume.”

Yesterday, we made one at MES. The idea was brought in by Coco. Coco is from France and he’s visiting Luang Prabang for some days and he’s learning how to play piano. He wanted to volunteer and help the kids at MES, but he cannot play any instruments, except his few basic piano chords.

Just then, he realized that he can also play a little bit of the didgeridoo and he wanted to make one for MES. We then looked for some materials and luckily found some bamboos and needed materials.

You can make one at home! What you need is a bamboo, some tools, saw, and papers, a drill. The longer bamboo gives you longer and deeper tones.