Hi, Everyone

MES provide free music lessons to Lao Children to let them have opportunity to access to the world of music

Would you like to volunteer at Music for Everyone School (MES)?

We welcome everyone who can play a musical instrument, guitar, ukulele, drum, piano, etc.

How long can you volunteer?

Any period of time, an hour, an evening, one day, two days and of course, the longer the better.

What will you expect to do in the class?

  1. You can follow our learning curriculum, by going in a class and help students with what they are practicing on
  2. Set up your own lesson, and this means you come up with anything you are comfortable to teach and you think that it is achievable, helpful for students to know and practice. To do so, you need to let our staff know in advance so we can inform the students who may be interested in your classes to stay after their classes.

Why would you need an extra class for your own lesson?

That’s because the students have a test every Friday, to complete their levels so they need some time to practice their lessons in their regular time and spend their extra time in the extra class with volunteer(s).

Certificate is on requests

The volunteers who may need a certificate to bring home, MES official certificate can be given upon the request, but according to volunteering time; minimum 30 hours and more than 5 days.Picture1