What an exciting day! There was a big performance in town for kids from many different school. The event start from 8:00 until 12:00 am.  The governor of Luang Prabang opened the stage and gave a small talk then planted some tree. After that listened to the story of Children’s Day and gave some flowers for kids that attended the show. There were all about 10 shows and kids from Music for Everyone school was the first on stage.

The kids did such a wonderful job and many people enjoyed the shows. Some of them got to know more about MES and many kids from MES were interviewed by the provincial journalist. And before the show close, MES students were invited to play again for several songs and the audience jumped danced in front of the stage.

Last but not least, special THANKS to Daomany who has been really nice and kinds informed us about the events and let MES use some space.

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