Another week with Paul and Ben; Paul is a great drummer, though teaching music it’s his first time at MES he has given a wonderful lessons, he spent two or three hours from Monday-Friday at MES, sometimes even longer. His plan was to leave Luang Prabang last week, but after volunteered at MES and taught some English for monks and novices in town, he decided to stay longer.
Ben is a wonderful musician and actor as he’s back in the state. He loves singing, as well as playing musical instruments. He can play several instruments, guitar, ukulele and piano, and he can explain about the music theory very well. To Play music and act is what he  does for a living, and in his free time. He enjoys answering all the questions about the music. He is a volunteer on GVI program, he is now available only one hour for MES. However he comes Monday through Friday and last week, he taught students how to sing a song by practicing it on the keyboard, then they practice singing and playing on guitar. MES hope he will share more time at MES in the future as he’s comfortable. He is going stay in Luang Prang for about 2-3 more months.
MES is lucky to have two of them in a company, the students can learn more new thing  for themselves, and as soon as the higher level students are interested in other instruments they can talk to them.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA