Stig Phamutri gave away his washburn guitar to Music for Everyone School. The guitar was made of a very good wood and all the parts have great maintenance, except the neck was cut. Instead of taking the good parts and throwing the broken parts away, we try to repair it, and finally we could put all the strings and tune and it makes a very good sound. It now become one of our great guitars at the school. Thank you Stig!


Here’s the pictures of a visit and volunteering of an Australian artist, who can play guitar with unique styles and sings very very beautifully and has her own songs available on itune. It’s a great opportunity for our student to have you involving the class. Thank you!


Elody is a very unique guitar player and knows lots of rock and roll songs, she’s been volunteering in Vang Vieng for a few weeks, playing guitar and singing. She can sing very well and also has a band and been playing together for many years. She was suggested from a friend before she made it to visit Luang Prabang that she must go and visit MES and we’re very happy to meet her and hearing her music.


Thank you so much Shila Ponlok, director of MES Cambodia and the team members for your donations! This is just a small post to say HUGE thanks to you all. You’re very kind and we’re so pleased to have partnerships with you and many thanks for understand MES Laos difficulty situations.

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It’s been a very busy work for our volunteer friend at MES Laos  who has updated our site from old site “” to our new and better designed site ”“.

MES is very proud to introduce our new site to you and wish to see your many visits and supports. Also we’re very happy to share our MANY THANKS for the great work that Raoul Bouteille has contributed to MES Laos. Raoul Bouteille is from France and spending his holiday in Luang Prabang with children, he has been motivated to help MES since he read about MES when he was in France and was also suggested by his friends who visited MES in a previous year. Besides being a great website designer  Raoul Bouteille, can also guitar. Thanks so much for taking the time to help with my project, thank you for donating 2 year fees for MES website.



Thank you David Kiwi and LEOT team for your thankful help repairing MES computers and installing a new windows with English language. David is a happy engineering volunteer from New Zealand, who has been volunteering and sharing most of his time in Luang Prabang at LEOT working on computers  with any engineering problems and also helping classes with their computer lessons. It’s greet to have you come over visiting MES and thank you very much for your help.  15349769_10212047254280488_460470702228519803_n

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